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What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is a skill exchange network for local people to help each other, build relationships and be recognised for the help that they give. It is a money-free system where you can trade an hour of giving, for an hour of receiving!

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About Time4Leicstershire

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How does it work?

Getting involved couldn't be easier, simply sign up and within minutes you'll be able to see what people are asking for and offering. Find domething you're interested in and simply get involved.

 Inside Time4Leicestershire 

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Join the community

Give a little and get alot. Sign up now and start sharing your skills with your local community. 

 Join Time4Leicestershire 

Time4Leicestershire is a community timebank aimed to enable individuals to swap skills in their local community. I am pleased to host Time4Leicestershire within the Public Health Department of Leicestershire County Council and feel that this is one of many ways to support members of the public with being connected to their local community.

Public Health aims are to enable and support all citizens regardless of age or ability to be as healthy and independent as possible. We know that this will be different for each one of us. Evidence shows that being connected within your community has a significant positive impact on your health and emotional well-being and Time4Leicestershire, along with other preventative offers enables individuals to meet new people, positively contribute to their local community and for them, in turn, to receive help with practical things such as gardening.

I hope that you enjoy using Time4Leicestershire.

Mike Sandys - Director of Public Health

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